Young People Aged 17 - 19

Exhibitors aged 17-19 years may enter, without completing an entry form, all classes 1- 90 and 97-147 in the Adult Schedule with the exception of Floral Art classes.

There is an entry fee of 20p per entry per class. Bring your entries to the Main marquee on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

The Marquee will be open from 2 pm - 10pm on Friday 5th July and from 6.30 am - 8.20 am on Show Day Saturday 6th July.

Entries for Floral Art classes 91 - 96 must be on the official Entry Form submitted by Sunday 30th June to one of the listed addresses.

Prize money: 1st £4; 2nd £3; 3rd £1 (exception is Floral Art - see each class for prize money awarded) to be collected from the Treasurer between 2pm and 4pm.