Vegetable seeds and plants for exhibition growers
Seeds and plants for exhibition and other growers
Home of the Mammoth Onion  and a wide range of plants and seeds
Potato specialist  but also supplies a wide range of well-priced seeds
Supplier of many heirloom varieties
Pelargonium  and Hedera specialists
Supplies a wide variety of Sweet peas including  exhibition  varieties
Well known supplier of Sweet Peas with many exhibition varieties
Brilliantly written  catalogue many unusual seeds
Supplier of all things organic
Auricula specialist
Specialist supplier of Streptocarpus
Suppliers of Sempervivum, Jovibarba,  Phormium and Rosularia
Local supplier of hydroponic growing equipment
Home to the National Dahlia collection with online shop for hundreds of cuttings
Long standing nursery in Derbyshire with many national collections.
Willows come in many types and varieties many of which are available through this supplier.
House leeks never seemed so interesting! Sempervivum, Jovibarba, Rosularia and  Phormium National collections
If you like Ferns this is a good place to start
Specialist Suppliers