Pot Leeks

In the north east of the UK growing Pot leeks for show is still a big thing. There are relatively few written resources about growing them and the whole thing is still  steeped in myth and legend.     If you wish to try your hand at this  art I have listed  a few sources of information.  However,  nothing is  better than making your way up to the north east and speaking with the growers who are only too willing to help, advise  and sell you some good stock.


If you are starting out you need to get some good stock.  The small potted up  that are purchased from top growers usually in the late autumn  or early winter can cost  anything from  £8 to 20 per dozen.  They need to be kept frost free at 5-7 degrees Celsius and potted on regularly until in April/May they are hardened off and put in your specially enriched ‘leek beds’  either outside or in a poly tunnel.


I recommend that beginners grow either Yorkshire Greens or Yorkshire Blues as these seem to do well in our area.    However, it doesn't harm to try some other popular varieties if the fancy takes such as Sammy Dickinson Cross,  Blythe Beauty, Belsay Blue, Cumbrian, or Thurston to name but a few.

Mainly Cumbrian variety available but you need to get his written catalogue early.
Rather expensive but likely to be quality
This is an online location where many leeks are sold.  Best supplies are available in the autumn
These videos produced by the National Vegetable Society show how the best growers do their magic...
A forum link to a posting about growing leeks