Onions can be easily grown from ‘sets’ or seed.  If you have ambitions to show you can improve your chances of getting a prize by growing a good number of onions so that you can choose a good collection to show.


Over wintering

So-called Japanese onions  are planted in autumn and over winter growing away quickly in spring to  mature in early summer.  Varieties such as Senshyu  produce nice yellowish onions ready for a show in July.  These do not store as long and are best used before autumn.



Planting onion sets (small specially prepared onions) in early spring will produce good sized onions that can be harvested from July onwards.  These usually store well.  Common varieties such as Sturon will produce nice onions.



Setting  seed in  January or February on in a greenhouse will produce large onions from July onwards.  A very wide variety of types can be grown this way.  The storing properties depend on the variety.



These can be bought from suppliers.  These are often specialist varieties for show and are usually of the larger kind.  



For showing pick a set of onions (often 3+)  which are very close to each other in size and shape.  Their colour should be golden brown with unblemished skin and a thin neck.   Early shows are less fussy about colour as they often have not had time to colour up.