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The 2018 AINSDALE SHOW will be held on Saturday 14th July. We have moved the show a week later in 2018 due to the Southport Air Show taking place on the first weekend in July.

2017 Chairman's Review

Following on from the poor Summer Show 2016, both financially and weatherwise, the Executive Committee welcomed Peter Wood's lifeline of £5000.00 in honour of his grandfather (a founder member of the Society). I certainly felt the 2017 Show had reached a "make or break" situation and I am pretty certain the Exec Committee felt the same.

January 2017 it certainly was all systems go. Nikki Mc Caughrean offered her services as Trade Stand Manager and together I found myself going through Trade Application Forms dating back many years and passing likely interested parties onto to Nikki who followed up via websites, email addresses etc. We got together frequently and initially slowly recruited Traders to take up pitches. January may seem early but it really did take six months to slowly increase the numbers of Traders. Of course June then saw a flurry of people wanting pitches so all was well and 32 pitches were taken up.

I was determined we should find attractions for teenagers hence the ferris wheel and the lily pad bouncing pods. The ferris wheel being assembled on the Thursday certainly whet many appetites and both attractions were immediately successful.


We had a fabulous attendance , as Clive has commented in the past, if you cannot see the grass for people we have a good show.

The Show Dance organised and run by Ian and Diane McCarter made enough money to cover expenses, the first time we haven't made a loss, likewise the Car Boot was again well attended and successful.

We hired two marquees to the So Talented Group for their Summer Show and a small number of us served refreshments. If we do this again we will have to provide food; it seems watching your offspring perform makes you very hungry.

As you can appreciate the whole run up to the Summer Show was hectic but it paid off and from Keith's report we made a profit. Peter's donation apart, it's the first time we have made such a profit in the 11 years I have been Chairman.

Talking as Chairman, I put my name forward in 2006 because the Society was not in a good place and I thought I might be of help although at the time I didn't know we had lost £8.000 at the Summer Show and all the Children's Committee had resigned. I recruited a number of people onto committees mainly in Dobbies because it was newly opened and plenty of people were going to see what it was like. I did at times feel I was being avoided but the opportunity was there and I look advantage of it. Of late lack of numbers in the Committees has meant I have stepped in.

I have been accused of being "too hand's on" but I feel if the Chairman is willing to do whatever it takes then everyone else are willing to give it a go. I confess I have had to push myself well beyond what should be expected of anyone and this is the reason after eleven years I feel it is time for a younger person to take over.

BUT we need more members in the Committees. Many hands make like light work and if the load can be spread putting on a Summer Show, the like of which we have managed to update and improve upon, would be so much easier.

We need a Secretary, another role I have assumed, and we do not have a Catering Chairman or a Committee. There are members willing to help on Show Day but we are desperate for leaders.

v After serious thought the Exec decided to discontinue the monthly talks. On average speakers' fees are £60 and the Hall rental is £24.00. Most attendances are between 12 and 20 people. Apart from being embarrassing the Society cannot sustain the losses.

I thank Keith for his support as Treasurer. He has been under a great deal of strain with the improvements to St. John's Church which are still ongoing and initially he said he would be Treasurer as long as I was Chairman so we are both throwing our hats in the ring but Peter volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer and the Society coffers couldn't be in safer hands.

Finally I thank the members of the Exec Committee for their support over the years. The Summer and Harvest Shows and Plant a Pot have always been joint occasions achieved by all of us and I thank them for their support and tireless energy.

Tricia Pearce

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Ainsdale Community Garden

The Garden, maintained to a high standard, relies solely on volunteers for its ongoing maintenance.

If you would like to offer your help or would like further information contact Jenny Boulton on 01704 578196 or email:

Ainsdale Horticultural society is an active and thriving society.   Its centrepiece event is the Summer show held annually on the Village Green.  This event showcases local talent and produce in a spirit of friendly competition.   However, competitive classes are open to all and visitors from beyond the local area are invited to come and compete  or simply have a great traditional family day out.