1 - That the Society shall be called Ainsdale Horticultural Society.

2 - That the object of the Society shall be the advancement of education in horticulture by promoting Exhibitions and Lectures, and in such other ways as will further the object of the Society.

3 - Subscribers shall be known as Patrons, Vice Presidents and Members. Patrons shall receive a badge and two tickets for admission to the July Annual Flower Show. Vice Presidents shall receive a badge and one ticket to the July Annual Flower Show. Members shall receive a badge. The badges themselves give free entry to the Show. Subscription rates, including any reduced rate for Senior Citizens, shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Subscribers become Life
Patrons or Life Vice Presidents on payment of an amount equal to ten times the current  subscription rate for Patrons and Vice Presidents respectively. No further Life Members shall be admitted.

4 - That the Officers of the Society shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and a maximum of four Assistant Secretaries, Show Secretary and Showground Manager. The Officers of the Society shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. The initial term of office for the above officers shall be three years but with the appointees given the option of serving shorter terms. There will be annual elections thereafter, on the basis of such officers being given the option to serve a further three years making a maximum of six years altogether. Nominations for all Officers will be submitted to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting, the
consent of the nominee having first been obtained. A paper ballot will be taken should two or more nominations be made for any office.

5 - This shall consist of Officers, plus the Chairman and one other Member from each of the Sub-Committees and shall have power to appoint up to 6 additional members and fill any vacancy which may occur during the year. A Quorum shall consist of seven members.

6 - The following Sub-Committees are to be formed annually, viz.: Catering, Children’s, Entertainments, Publicity, Queens, schedule, Showground. The Executive Committee shall have the power to create new Sub-Committees when it is thought desirable. At its