Cacti and succulents

Cacti and Succulents are justifiably popular being found in many interesting forms often with very colourful flowers .    Their cultivation is generally easy and some would claim that they are the ideal houseplant.


Each year at the Ainsdale Show a number of classes are set aside for people to show their cacti and succulents.  Being so popular it is surprising that more people do not enter these classes  as may people have excellent plants  in their homes which deserve some recognition.


The following slides show some of the exhibits in  Cacti and succulent classes from recent shows.  

Succulents are plants which are adapted to arid conditions by retaining water in their stems, roots or leaves.  Their swollen appearance and unusual shapes make them interesting subjects for culture.  Succulents are found across the world usually in places wherever available water is limited.


Cacti are a popular type of succulent whose family originate in North and  South America.


Mesembs is the common name for plants in the Aizoaceae family.  Their unusual  forms and colourful  flowers  make them highly collectable


Euphorbias or as they are commonly known Spurges  have many interesting succulent species.  Popular in collections these plants can however can exude a milky latex when damaged.  This is  rather toxic and is extremely  irritating to the skin.  Pets and children are best kept well clear of these plants!