92nd Ainsdale Show Photos

2012 was an important year for the Ainsdale Horticultural Society as it celebrated its Centenary Year. Seftons Mayor Cllr Kevin Cluskey helped us celebrate the day by cutting our birthday cake with AHS Chairman Tricia Pearce. A successful birthday with those attending the Show also enjoying the good weather.

92nd Ainsdale Show Trophy Winners

E. Tomlinson JP Memorial Trophy - Mr. W. W. Howarth

RHS Banksian Medal - Mr. F.D. Marshall

Perpetual Silver Trophy - Mr. W. W. Howarth

North Trophy (most points for Young Exhibitor) - Miss Nicole Kinnish


Royal National Rose Society Medal - Mr. B. Harrison

Sweet Peas

R Wood Trophy - Mr A Cadwell

National Sweet Pea Bronze Medal - Mr. A Cadwell

Bronze Award Card - Not Awarded

Flower Section

T. H. Russell Trophy - Mr W W Howarth

The Russell Hewett Memorial Trophy - Mrs. E Rimmer


E O Hall Trophy - Mr. N. Massam

Subscribers Badge - Mr W W Howarth


Crested Spoon - Not awarded

Blue Rosette - Mr R Rimmer

Pot Plants

V. R. Vyner-Brooks Trophy - Mr. W. W. Howarth

Hortex Trophy - Mrs. N. E. MacKay

Cacti & Succulents

The Allison Trophy - Mr. W W Howarth

Pelargoniums & Geraniums

K. M. Christian Trophy - Mr A W Rice

Subscriber's Badge - Mr. W. W. Howarth

Crested Spoon - Mr A W Rice

Gold Award Card - Mr R Rimmer

Silver Award Card - Mr F D Marshall

Fruit & Vegetables

Timberlake Trophy - Mr. P. Williamson

D. S. Davies Trophy - Mr. W W Howarth

Chairman's Trophy - not awarded

National Vegetable Society Medal - Mr. N. Massam

Floral Art

Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Mrs J Greenwood

Village Trophy - Mrs K Dean

Walter Gleave Trophy - Mrs K Dean

Bleasdale Trophy - Mrs. J Greenwood

Timberlake Trophy - Ms Rita Taylor

Bamber Trophy - Ms K Dean

V.R. Vyner-Brooks Trophy - Ms Rita Taylor

Ainsdale Trophy - Mrs K Dean

Leeming Trophy - Mrs K Dean

Graham Trophy - not awarded

Preserves & Confectionery

Councillor Yates Trophy - Mr. J Nichol

Peggy Tillot Memorial Trophy- Mrs. F Brookfield

Shelley Lewis Lavender Trophy - Miss Nicole Kinnish

Southport Flower Show Subscribers Badge - Mrs. F Brookfield & Mrs. K.Dean

Ainsdale Young Mothers Club Trophy - Mrs Dean


Peggy Ratcliffe Memorial Trophy - Mrs J Barton

Barclays Bank Trophy - Mrs S Sawyer

Townswomen's Guild Trophy - not awarded

Ainsdale Young Mothers - Mrs. G Skinner

Ronnie Horner Memorial Trophy - Mr A Brook

Moorman Trophy - Mrs. P. Fawcett

Webb Trophy - Mr R Brookfield


The Artists Trophy - Mrs. S Copeland

Christel Rothwell Memorial Trophy - Mrs S Copeland


Strange Trophy - Mrs A M Page

Hill Trophy - Miss E McLauchlan


Aldrick Trophy - Olivia Iddon

Bond Shield - Matthew Flynn

Bond Shield for Schools - St John's Ainsdale

Brownies - Olivia Dowling

Carter Hodge Shield - Clare Turner

Clara Fenna Memorial Trophy - Jaimie Ewins

Colin Mather Trophy - Abigail Shrimpton

Cubs - Jack Richards

Guides- Megan Everitt

Heaton Trophy - Olivia Dowling

J Walmesley Trophy - Heather Austin

Rainbows - Tilly Reevey

Rigby Trophy - Owen Rogers

Ruth Hack Trophy - Isabelle McKinnon

Walker Cup - Zack Dowling

Beaver - George Duffy

Children's Section

7th July 2012

Children's Section

Children's Section 2

Children's Section 3

Children's Section 4

Children's Section Pet Show

Ainsdale's Big Night Out

7th July 2012

Ainsdale's Big Night Out

Winter Colour with Christine Walkden

Thursday 5th July 2012