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Plant A Pot 2018

Our long time affiliation with the above organisations has been appreciated by our members over many years. We will in the future keep you updated on any issues relevant to the individual Societies.

2018 Show Photos

*** Important Information ***

The 2019 AINSDALE SHOW returns to its usual date and will be held on Saturday 6th July.

• Saturday 6th July: 99th Annual Ainsdale Show on the Village Green
• Sunday 7th July: Car Boot and Auction on the Green

If you can help we are looking for volunteers to help on show day and in the week before. Please contact us if you can spare some time or want more information.

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Ask a friend to join the Society:

Patron £20.00 - free admission to the show and evening talks, two additional free tickets for the Summer Show and reduced entry fee for every exhibit entered in the Summer show.

Vice President: £12.00 - free admission to the show and evening talks and reduced entry fee for every exhibit entered in the Summer show, and one additional free ticket for the Summer Show.

Members: £7.50 - free entry to the show, reduced entry for evening talks and reduced entry fee for every exhibit entered in the Summer Show.

By being a member of the Ainsdale Horticultural Society you are helping to keep alive the tradition of the village Summer Show, sadly, many of these shows are falling by the wayside and with your help the Ainsdale Show will continue.

You can also join at any of our monthly meetings.

Download, print & post the payment form >> PDF Version | Microsoft Word Version

Julien's Fruit Tree Pollination Checker

AHS members & vistors might be interested in a free little gardening advice tool we've created. It is a fruit tree pollination checker which you can find below:

Fruit Tree Pollination Checker >

You will see that it is easy to use and that it covers most types of topfruit that you can grow in the UK. When you've selected a fruit (apple, pear etc) you just choose your variety and you're presented with a list of compatible pollinators. Many gardeners are either ignorant of the importance of pollination for good crops or think it a dark, confusing art. Well, this tool deals with the problem and is free to use as often as any of your members could want.

And if any of them use it, then as a welcome we are also offering a 15% discount on anything they choose to buy from us.

Would this be of interest? If so, I can send over the discount code.

Kind regards,
Julien de Bosdari, Ashridge Trees, Grove Cross Barn, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7NJ
Telephone: 01963 359444 Fax: 01963 359445 Website: